Hoosier’s an addict

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Hoosier addicts are not unique but the Indy area definitely has it’s uniqueness to it.  As someone who has experienced recovery in several states I find many things interesting about Indy’s fellowship as compared with other area. Here are some examples;

Indy has huge sponsorship families. (Addicts in some other states have never heard the term “sponsorship families”).

Talking about specific drugs and mentioning specific drugs seems to be considered “Taboo” by many in the Indy fellowship. (Not the case in most places I have experienced recovery).

Indy has a very large youth population and participation in recovery – even a Recovery based school. (Never seen such large youth population participating in the fellowship)

Indy has a very few people willing to participate in area level and group level service commitments. In other states there will be elections, even at the group level for secretary, chairperson and even coffee commitments. In Indy, many area level commitments go vacant for full terms. I wonder how this could be improved. Maybe sponsors could help by encouraging their sponsees to participate more. What is the reason for Indy’s lacking interest in service commitments? Why are Hoosier addicts so less likely to give back (their time) and serve?

4 thoughts on “Hoosier’s an addict

  1. I too wonder why so many service positions are open even on group levels. I understand we have many blessings with the new way of life, but we can only keep it by giving it away. Service is a main part of our foundation Our Symbol .

  2. I have recently spent some time in the LA area, and I was amazed at the number of service positions at the group level: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Literature, Birthday.. I think there may have been more! Next time I am out there I am going to ask about how they get this level of commitment while here in Indy we have groups struggling to fill just two positions.

  3. When I first started NA I could hardly wait until I had a year clean so I could be a GSR. My sponsor held a service commitment at group level and area level. Her sponsor held a position at region level. Some of the women I sponsor hold service positions. It is something I learned from my sponsor. Give back. Be of service. I am grateful to give back. I have held a service position at some level since 1 year clean. When someone that doesn’t have a lot of clean time asks about service I always explain how they can be of service now. Subcommittees, setting up chairs, making coffee, coming early or staying late to meetings or events. I try to set the example. Its all about giving back what has been giving to me. My sponsor is my example, Her sponsor is her example. In the new Living Clean The Journey Continues page 215 it reads ” We learn from each other’s examples. Those who go before us clear the path we walk today; we walk in one another’s footprints as we progress on our journey. We learn responsibility by watching others be responsible.” I don’t understand why people don’t give back.

  4. We also are more guarding of our traditions and language. Lots of “andas” and “double bubblers” in California. Heard someone with 10 years saying they need to double bubble because they used both drugs. I don’t get this at all. Most people hear really mean it when we say “alcohol is a drug,” because they use as much ethanol as anyone. I find today in Indy most people find all they need for chemical addiction in NA. That is a great deal of progress and probably another subject.

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