Meetings - CIANA


There are meetings that are still not meeting in person due to COVID-19, and there are also meetings reopening with safety measures in place.  Please be sure to go out to the meetings page to check the meeting individually before attempting to attend.  Please also note the virtual meetings page that has direct links to zoom meetings that are held daily.

Here are some things you may experience due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Masks may be required. Be sure to bring one.
  • There may be a limit on meeting occupancy
  • Meetings may split/breakout into separate meetings once occupancy is reached
  • There may or may not be restrooms available
  • Readings/literature may be handled differently
  • 7th tradition may be handled differently
  • Signatures on court cards and proof of attendance may be handled differently
  • Coffee, snacks, etc may not be available.
  • Hand sanitizer may not be available
  • Chairs will likely be spaced to allow for social distancing measures
  • Meeting directories may not be available, but can be accessed electronically via website
  • There may be circling up without touching, and physical social distancing

Please spread the word If your meeting is reopening to contact Manual A The outreach subcommittee is working diligently with IT and directory subcommittees to make sure this information is updated as soon as possible but we need confirmation from GSR’s or secretaries.

Interactive listing of all  meetings in our area. Feel free to download and print a copy for yourself. The meetings listed here can only be kept current with the help of our members. If you see an error please contact our meeting directory chair directly by using our contact page to inform us of any needed changes.

Meeting Codes

  • 12 – Bring “It Works How & Why”
  • BT – Bring “Basic Text”
  • C – Closed (For addicts or those who think they have a drug problem)
  • CDL – Candlelight Meeting
  • CELE – Celebration
  • CON – The “12 Concepts”
  • DC -Dress Code
  • DI – Discussion
  • GAY – Gay & Lesbian focus
  • IP – Information Pamphlet
  • BSMT – Basement
  • JFT – Just for today
  • LIT – Literature Study
  • MEN – Men’s Meeting
  • MED – Meditation
  • O – Open (For anyone wishing to experience our Fellowship)
  • SEAT – Facility has assigned seating
  • SP – Speaker
  • LC- Living Clean
  • WOM – Women Only Meeting
  • ST – Step Meeting
  • TO – Topic Meeting
  • SWG – Bring “Step Working Guide”
  • TR – Tradition Meeting
  • WA – Wheelchair Accessible
  • IG – Institutional Group
  • BZ – Breathalyses