Message of Hope

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  • May 2023
    The Message of Hope Step 5 “We admit it to God, to ourselves, and to another human being, the exact nature of our wrongs” DENIAL: Don’t even know I am lying! It was only by the grace of God that I learned the HOW of this program. It’s been an ongoing process learning to get […]
  • April 2023
    The Message of Hope Step 4 “We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” Spiritual Principles Courage Honesty Willingness Humility Going into the 4th step I was confused about who I was. My entire life I was called a big head SOB and in the same breath they said they loved me. This […]
  • March 2023
    The Message of Hope “The outer circle of our symbol denotes a universal and total program that has room within it for all manifestations of the recovering person” Basic Text vi. Within the margins of this newsletter is room for all to be of service and share how the Narcotics Anonymous program has gifted you […]
  • This Month In NA History
    In Indiana the month of March means crocuses and daffodils, setting clocks forward, basketball championships . . . and Mad Hatter’s! This event has always been associated with Bloomington, but did you know that it originated in CIASCNA? Until the 1988/1989 development of the South Central area, Bloomington groups belonged to Central. Mad Hatter’s was […]
  • The Decision
    “Yet another way we can practice our Third Step decision is to continue with our recovery by working the remainder of the steps.” I had to give up the idea, and surrender to the fact, that nothing I do in life will be perfect. My only option, having made in to the rooms, was to […]
  • The Newsletter Needs Help
    The Area is in need of people willing to step up and help with writing articles for the newsletter. We’re in need of both a newsletter chair and members with experience writing to help reinvigorate your newsletter. We’re asking groups that if they have anything they feel is newsworthy for the area to please submit […]