Virtual Meetings

With so many meetings temporarily closed here are resources for virtual meetings. There are listings for both meetings from our Area that have gone virtual and long standing virtual meetings.

If you’re interested in attending any of the meetings it’s best to download the app first. All of the meetings linked to on this page utilize Zoom. If you’ll be using a computer go here and download the Zoom Client for Meetings option. If you’ll be using your phone or tablet download the app from your device’s app store. If you have the app installed clicking the link will open the link in the app and you’ll be connected to the meeting.

Meetings listed on the Virtual NA site use multiple different technologies so you may need to download an additional app. You can also check out a worldwide listing of virtual meetings here.

Central Indiana Area Meetings

Existing Virtual Resources

Virtual NA
Virtual NA is a globally based collaborative service resource whose primary purpose is to provide a meeting search for both Online and Phone line meetings of Narcotics Anonymous hosted from different countries around the world.

NorthStar Online Group of Narcotics Anonymous

Meets every night at 7pm Eastern

Resources For How To Host Virtual Recovery Meetings

  • Video covering facilitating a virtual recovery meeting along with other basic resources for learning –
  • Some groups have found it beneficial to add some virtual meeting specific information to their format similar to the following
    • Since we’re meeting virtually, we want to go over a few pieces of information. Please keep yourself muted unless you’re sharing. The mute button is in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window. If you’re on a computer, you may need to mouse over the window. If you’re on a phone or tablet you may need to tap the screen to see it. There’s a text-based chat option that can be accessed, for computers you should see it in the bottom bar just right of center, for mobile devices tap the three more/three dots button in the bottom left of your screen. We’re going to request that you raise your virtual hand. This can be done by opening the participants box. On a computer you’ll see the participants button in the bottom bar just left of center, and on a mobile device you’ll see it at the bottom of your screen. Once you click or tap that button, you’ll see a list of everyone in the meeting. At the bottom you’ll see a raise hand emoji. Zoom will keep track of the order that people have clicked the emoji and we will proceed in that order.