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Narcotics Anonymous in Central Indiana

On October 6th, 1981, our Narcotics Anonymous ASC conducted its first meeting in a small stockroom at an eastside church. Officers were elected, and the priorities of Meeting Directories and securing a post office box were discussed. Another primary concern was to stockpile literature for the three meetings at that time. After the second meeting on October 20th, 1981, the ASC meetings became monthly and were held in members’ homes for the first several months until a non-residential meeting place could be secured.

Since its beginning, the Area has gone through growing pains, as well as, spiritual growth and a significantly increased number of meetings. In October of 1982, the Area hosted its first function and shortly thereafter, the high hope of an Area Helpline became a reality. With continued unity as an Area, together we can help other’s hopes become realities.

Area Subcommittees

POLICY & ADMINISTRATION SUBCOMMITTEE:  This subcommittee is made up of ASC administrative officers and other subcommittee chairpersons, who are voting members of this subcommittee. Interested members may participate but do not have voting privileges.

MEETING DIRECTORY SUBCOMMITTEEThis subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance, production, and distribution of the monthly meeting directory to the area groups, area website, and regional website.

NEWSLETTER SUBCOMMITTEEThe Central Indiana Area of Narcotics Anonymous newsletter is a collection of articles written by recovering addicts. Currently, our newsletter is an online resource. Published works include an interactive component wherein readers can offer their comments and feedback.

OUTREACH SUBCOMMITTEE:  The purpose of the Outreach Subcommittee is to reach out to new, struggling, or isolated meetings to lend support, experience, strength, and hope. Other functions include reaching out to groups that have not been attending the Area Service Committee meeting to encourage their support and attendance.

ACTIVITIES: The Activities subcommittee provides activities that enhance unity and personal recovery in the Area. Activities are also concerned with fundraising needs.

HELPLINE: The purpose of the Helpline Subcommittee is to ensure that whenever someone calls the helpline, an addict will return their call in a timely fashion and be able to provide the assistance requested.

LITERATURE: The purpose of the Literature Subcommittee is two-fold. The Literature Subcommittee is responsible for maintaining the Area’s Literature Stockpile and for the coordination of Area Literature review and/or Approval Workshops.

PUBLIC RELATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE: Provides information about recovery through the NA Fellowship. Additionally, NA members are often available to make panel presentations in educational facilities, treatment centers and correctional facilities as well as other public venues.

HOSPITALS & INSTITUTIONS SUBCOMMITTEE: Carries the NA message of recovery to addicts who do not have full access to regular NA meetings. Meetings and/or presentations are provided to hospitals, jails, addiction treatment facilities, detox centers and other various institutions.

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