e-cigs use in meetings

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e-cigs have become very popular. People have taken up this activity in fad-like fashion. There are arguments on both sides regarding the safety and potential health risks of e-cigs. There is also a lot of controversy over the “correctness” and even legality of using e-cigs in an indoor environments. Many NA meetings have utilized their group autonomy and voted to prevent e-cig usage in their meetings. I just don’t understand why e-cig users think it’s ok to use these things in meetings or in any indoor and/or public places. I have been in meetings where 4 and 5 people were sitting together using these things at the same time. They exhaled a warm, moist and scented air on to me and others without considering the possibility that someone might be offended by this. How about the person using e-cigs in the restaurant. They bend down and sneak hits. It looks like their smoking crack or something. I mean, if they have to sneak the hit they obviously know that it might be offensive to others. So, to the e-cig user . . . I would like to know why you think this behavior is acceptable. From others . . . what do you think about e-cigs in meetings?

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  1. E/cigs,

    First, whatever gets you to NA is okay by me. Whatever keeps you here has to come from within. Individual meetings can set some of there own ground rules, the key word is some. When our groups do what they want but affect NA ( violate traditions) as a whole problems ocurr within the fellowship. Have your home group members vote on the issues, but first check with your meeting locations to see if they allow smoking e/cigs. Should they not, there’s your answer, not your rules guys. Personally I’m not a fan at all.

  2. When I was vaping regularly a few months ago. I did “sneak” vapes in at a few meetings that were candle lit. I knew what I was doing was wrong. I have since stopped vaping. I believe they should not be allowed in meetings because they can portray using behaviours. I also think that other people shouldn’t have to be exposed to it if they do not participate in such behaviour. This whole vaping fad has not been around long enough to determine the effects of long term usage. I just know from my own experience that when I was vaping I felt entitled to do it when I wanted to. Not saying that is everyones experience, however, Ive seen similar patterns from other addicts. Thanks for bringing this topic into discussion Pete!!
    Olaf B

  3. In my own opinion, if someone can’t make it for 60-75 minutes without their nicotine hit, then they’re clearly suffering from obsession/addiction behavior patterns and perhaps should discuss those with their sponsor. There are many addicts who are also trying to quit smoking, so permitting vaping in meetings might be offensive to them. I’m concerned about the number of people I’ve seen who start using e-cigs who were not smokers in the first place (why??), and there’s also a growing culture of people using vaporizers with marijuana oil … so to me it’s a slippery slope. I also think it’s very distracting to have people puffing away or passing around their e-cigs in a meeting, the same as I think it’s distracting when people are on their cell phones through a meeting … but that might be a topic for a future article.

  4. I think they’re cool. Although, I don’t think I’m cool, and therefore don’t use them. But as far as using them in mtgs, I feel like it’s been addressed in the mtgs that I’ve attended. I’ve noticed some of the meetings have added a disclaimer in their format, mentioning not to use e-cigs in the mtg. And it looks like people are catching on because I’m not seeing e cigs used as much as I was a year ago.

    1. My homegroup decided to make an announcement stating not to use them in our meeting. I personally don’t like seeing them. I dont like the sounds they make. I have several friends who use them. It’s not for me…too many reminders!!!

      1. Reminders for me too. I am glad I have a program to counteract that thinking. It’s harder for me to be around e-cigs than real cigs.

  5. E-Cigs were included in the cigarette ban in Marion County and therefore, should not be allowed in meetings. I have seen some people use them as a way to cut down on cigarettes and to quit smoking all together, but I have also seen other people who never seem to put them down. I personally don’t like them. As it’s been already said, they are too much of a reminder.

  6. I recently started vaping to try an kick cigarettes. So far it has been a pleasant subsitute. Do I think it should be allowed in meetings..no. If its a nonsmoking meeting that would include e-cigs/vaping in my opinion. For the record I saw 2 people sneaking vape hits during the last area meeting. Before this rule can be enforced it needs to be clarified. Example: This is a nonsmoking meeting, no e-cigs and no vapes.
    If a person can’t deal with 1 hour w/o a nicotine fix there is always nicotine gum.
    “there are no problems, only solutions” – John Lennon

  7. I’m not for sure, but I think The ordinance is Indianapolis/Marion County is that the same rules apply to ecigs and cigarettes alike. Therefore, if smoking is not allowed in the building, then ecigs are also not allowed. Personally, I think it disrupts the atmosphere of recovery when someone is puffing on an ecig in a meeting.

  8. In my opinion, each meeting can decide for themselves whether or not to allow vaping, as long as it’s not already prohibited by the meeting site. I would like to see vaping restricted at the monthly area meeting, as there are some there who do it so much it’s distracting and stinks.

  9. Hey, there are always nicotine patches and gum! When I was quitting, I remember jonesing so badly I chew on a patch! Are these to be outlawed too?

  10. There are key issues in question here… First, I wouldn’t go to a smoking meeting, so why would I go to a meeting where Vape is allowed? I’ve driven in a car with 2 guys Vaping all the way to St. Louis and back and it was miserable… The perfume like smell was enough to gag me. If you smoked, you would be perfectly willing to go outside to do so, why can’t people who use E-Cigs do the same? I don’t want you chewing tobacco and spitting in a cup next to me either…it’s still rude even if it’s smoke free. With that said, I don’t think I have a right to tell you not to smoke, just not to smoke in the meeting. If you want to go outside (just like smokers do), that is just fine. The second issue to me, is why can’t you sit for 90 minutes without smoking or vaping? The argument I always hear is that vape is safer and less addictive….is it really? If it was, you could sit for 90 minutes and not need it. Actually it causes craving that seems to be worse than that of smokers.

    Bottom line, I smoke cigars but I don’t smoke them in meetings. I either smoke outdoors or in designated smoking establishments. Those of you who use Vape, please do the same.

  11. I vape. It’s my only vice now. I would never do it in a meeting. It is the same as smoking a cigarette inside, just less harmful and less odor-but that doesnt entitle me to vape in a meeting!

  12. The primary ingredients in vape juice propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin have been used medically successfully and safely for over 2 decades. As far as “intrusive and offensive” these are both words used when a person is expressing their opinion. Everyone has one but not all hold their weight when questioned.
    For example, caffeine, a psychoactive stimulant, is hardly questioned in NA meetings and is in fact encouraged through many announcements at the beginnings of meetings. Personally, I do not drink coffee for the reason that I do not like the effect it has on my mood. Furthermore, I have no authority nor desire to tell someone what they can and can’t do with their body when it has no effect on my own. Subsequently, apply the same logic to vaping and you should be able to come to a rational conclusion of similar equal standards.
    Just because something is accepted, that doesn’t make it ok.
    Fortunately, this issue falls within the law otherwise it would be very black and white. However, now the responsibility lies on your knowledge or lack thereof to make an informed decision.

    I hope my thoughts regarding this subject help you make a more informed decision about the level of seriousness given to a trivial issue.

  13. Vaping = smoking

    Indoor meetings = non-smoking meeting

    Inside of any church = a non-smoking room, right?

    Vaping inside a church is definately disrespectful of the church. Do people vape during Sunday church service? Do they walk down the hall of a church and say hi to their pastor and blow a big vape in the pastors face? No, they would be asked to take it outside.

    Is vaping healthy? No. Why is this even being debated? Even if “it is just vegetable glycerin bla bla bla” it is not healthy.

    Is vaping = smoking? Yes. It’s a huge thing of smoke rings, everyone sees it, everyone smells it too. It does not matter how safe you think the juice is, it is a smoking device that heats up and creates smoke.

    Ban these things from meetings? Take it outdoors. Or have more outdoor meetings.

    Let’s say you can not make it through a one hour meeting without taking a puff. Here is the solution: kindly walk out of the meeting room, go outside, puff away, and when you are ready to come back in the meeting you are always welcome back.

    I am surprised this has not been finalized with 12 step meetings. That vaping is the same a smoking anything else. Actually it is scientifically proven that nicotene replacements like patches and especially the gum, and many times more addictive and many times more harmful to health then just smoking store-bought cigarettes.

    Vaping is the same thing as the patches and gum, except the second hand nicotene infused smoke from vaping is deliverable to others. It is a worse kind of second hand smoke then actual cigarettes.

    Cigarettes are made from leaf
    Vaper juice is made from oil

    That vaper oil is stickier then the leaf and all the chemicals on the leaf

    Leaf makes resin and ash like a camp-fire
    Burning oil does not make the ash and it does not create natural smoke so the nicotine vapor floats into the air others breath like a second hand delivery device


    Can’t people use their vaporizers for smoking other drugs? Like Cannabis wax, or how about meth or cociane, can those be smoked with their vapor devices? If yes, then those devices should definately not be allowed in non-smoking NA meeting rooms.

    Is it okay to shoot or smoke real dope in a meeting? Would people complain or not? I sure would. I’d say get that out of here.

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