What do you think?

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In the middle of someone sharing they break out a bible and begin reading from it. What do you think the Chairperson (or home group members) should do? Let them finish? Interrupt? . . . what do you think?

7 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. This would probably be one of the easiest ways to keep a newcomer from coming back. No question about it. I’d interrupt and ask them to stop citing Tradition 6.

  2. If that is their higher power then why not? Just because it may not be mine doesn’t mean it should offend me. I say let them finish.

  3. Nothing can hurt us more than an intolerance towards spiritual principles however we are asked to share only our experience, strength and hope. Quoting religious doctrine only distracts from the main objective which is to bring the message of recovery (not religion) to the addict who still suffers.

  4. It is against the 6th tradition to read literature in a meeting other than NA literature. I would interrupt them politely, of course.

  5. I’m not sure the blanket application of tradition 6 is appropriate. The tradition starts with “An NA group”. A group reading from a bible would be a violation. Is it a violation for an individual? I’m not so sure. I would hope that nobody would do this, and feel it is a mistake, but that is my opinion, which means nothing in the end.

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