Have you ever . . . ?

Have you ever shared something in a meeting and had someone approach you and try to “correct” you? Or have you ever done something in a meeting and had someone point out a better way? If so, did this help or hurt you or your impression of NA?

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3 thoughts on “Have you ever . . . ?

  1. Yes I’ve had this happen to me before. Sometimes it hurt and sometimes it didn’t depending upon my spiritual condition. I’m learning that the program is in the literature so when a member corrects me, if it lines up with the literature, I’m good. If not, I still listen and put it on the shelf until it’s needed.


  3. I wasn’t at the Avon group of NA Monday night last week. I guess a newcomer wanted to read something that wasn’t NA approved literature, they were shut down by an old timer. Ok so what! is that loving and caring? I guess there was a huge argument that newcomer went ballistic. The meeting was disrupted, they used and are dead now. Do we really have to be so rigid as to not let a newcomer share something that isn’t NA approved literature? Who knows if that would’ve kept them from using? I’ve heard a lot shared in meetings isn’t that what we’re here for to help someone that’s suffering? Being so rigid and not allowing someone to share something that isn’t approved literature? I remember when I was new and gung ho about NA. I attempted to act like this a couple of times and there never was a good outcome. My sponsor said, it was me not the loving and caring environment of NA that it was my self centeredness that tried to take charge. I agree and never acted like that again. I think before we shut someone down especially someone new maybe we should look at ourselves first.

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