Unity is a Must

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I’m an addict called Jada J. Hi family!! I am a member of the convention committee for CIACNA XII. The primary theme for the convention is always “Unity is a Must.” I started thinking, yes I know that’s dangerous, but I wanted to hear from the fellowship: What does unity mean to you and is it really a must?

Meredith B. states: It means we band together no matter what. That no matter what NA meeting I go to anywhere in the world, I am welcome as we all are, coming together with the common bond. It is a must if we are to continue recovering as a fellowship.

Lisa F. states: Unity is a must. We are all working together for a common goal; to stay clean. One addict helping another. Our area issue is that we are racially divided. That is where we lack unity.   I asked Lisa how we can come together. Racially that is…   Lisa: That is the magic question. If we could answer that, we would solve tons of problems.

Jeff B. from Kokomo states: Unity means our identification as addicts is as important to the individual as well as our unity. The clarity of the NA message is the foundation of our unity. (I personally like this answer)

Fred G. from Chicago states: Unity to me means coming together for the goodness of others, an agreement or alliance to form a union or bond. Being a member of NA, I feel strongly that unity is a must when it comes to recovery. Mainly because it brings addicts together that most likely would not even associate with each other.   We are able to come together to help the newcomer which is the most important person. We can also agree to disagree at anytime but can agree to help the still suffering addict. When I was a newcomer, seeing the unity in the members that was in the rooms, gave me something to strive for. I wanted what they had. We must live and work together as a group to ensure that in a storm our ship does not sink and our members do not perish. With faith in a power greater than ourselves, hard work, and unity, WE will survive and continue to carry the message to the addict who still suffers which is “AN ADDICT, ANY ADDICT, CAN STOP USING DRUGS, LOSE THE DESIRE TO USE AND FIND A NEW WAY TO LIVE.” OUR MESSAGE IS HOPE AND THE PROMISE OF FREEDOM which is helped by sharing unity.

Sheila J. from Cincinnati states: Unity means collectively, the WE of the program broadens my base. It helps me to keep an open mind. Yes it is a must if I want to stay sane and manage my emotions!

Nikki B. states: When I think of unity, I think of the integration of single parts that function without the knowledge of needing each other, but, when blended together as a whole, function better when integrated, although each element is different. Unity makes us seem to belong together instead of separate. This exemplifies the miraculous principles of the Narcotics Anonymous program.

Fellowshipping is also what unity means to me, which is a must. When I think about the elements of my life, I am of mind, body and Spirit. Each entity operates of its own accord within its own scope and spectrum. But, within the unity of the NA fellowship, the elements of me…my heart, mind and Spirit come together on a subconscious level of integrating on one accord, unifying the mind, body and Spirit of others in the name of peace, love and compassion.

To sum up, this is why unity is a must. When I experience elements of myself becoming unified as a whole, so we as vast individuals of the fellowship become one as a whole. Each of us, from all walks of life, are shining sparks of our Higher Power. We as beams shine individually, but, blended within the love our Higher Power, we unify as one, a beautiful rainbow of many colors.

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  1. If we do not figure out a way to come together and support each other with some kind of compassion and grace, we will not continue to “get to” come together. Sadly with attendance down and service commitment down all over the city, it may get worse before it gets better. With that being said… I am trying to find balance in my life and put my recovery first. I know I could do a better job of showing up and participating all around.

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