Just Say Yes


In our using days, it was easy to say yes … we constantly said yes to more drugs, more consequences, more suffering.   There wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to get high.  Now that we’re clean, we’re learning to say yes to recovery.  For the newcomer, this might mean saying yes to joining a home group or saying yes to our sponsor when we’re asked to read the Basic Text.  For those of us who have been around for a little bit, it could be agreeing to chair a meeting, make coffee, set out the literature, or answer the phone when another addict calls.  And if we keep coming back, we’ll be asked to be a Sponsor, give a lead, serve as our home groups’ GSR or Secretary, and bring meetings into jails and institutions.  Every time we say yes to a new opportunity in NA, our roots deepen, broader connections form, and our recovery strengthens.  Service work allows us to really grow and become active members of NA society.  The next time someone asks you to serve in NA, whether it’s big or small, if it is at all within your power to do so … just say yes!