Just Say Yes

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Just Say Yes

In our using days, it was easy to say yes … we constantly said yes to more drugs, more consequences, more suffering.   There wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to get high.  Now that we’re clean, we’re learning to say yes to recovery.  For the newcomer, this might mean saying yes to joining a home group or saying yes to our sponsor when we’re asked to read the Basic Text.  For those of us who have been around for a little bit, it could be agreeing to chair a meeting, make coffee, set out the literature, or answer the phone when another addict calls.  And if we keep coming back, we’ll be asked to be a Sponsor, give a lead, serve as our home groups’ GSR or Secretary, and bring meetings into jails and institutions.  Every time we say yes to a new opportunity in NA, our roots deepen, broader connections form, and our recovery strengthens.  Service work allows us to really grow and become active members of NA society.  The next time someone asks you to serve in NA, whether it’s big or small, if it is at all within your power to do so … just say yes!

3 thoughts on “Just Say Yes

  1. I love the article about “Just say yes.”
    Since I’m a NA purist, the term give a lead comes from another fellowship. In Narcotics Anonymous, we share our experience, strength, and hope. We don’t lead anyone, anywhere. Thanks for letting me share

  2. Below is a great message shared with me from Jada J, and I wanted to post it as a comment on this article for others to see. So … how do YOU say yes to NA? Send in your own comments!

    Yours in Service,
    I’m an addict called Jada J. I read the article in the newsletter and liked it so much, I thought I would interview a few addicts and see how they say Yes.

    Addict from Chicago:

    I say yes to NA today knowing that I have a choice. If I say no, I don’t feel bad or allow myself to feel guilty. I can say yes because I want to and not because you think I should. I no longer have to people please.

    Addict from Fort Wayne:

    I say yes to NA by sponsorship, giving rides to meetings, putting money in the basket, speaking when asked to, participate in events and sharing and caring with others; the NA way.

    Addicts from Indy:

    1. I don’t use no matter what.

    2. By staying active in NA, sponsoring women, working the steps with my sponsor and most of all, I don’t use no matter what.

    3. Showing up to meetings with enthusiasm, reaching out to old and new members, participating in our functions and events, making friends and hanging out with them, going to meetings regularly, and continuing to take others thru the process.

    1. I serve in many ways including many of the aforementioned. But i also take area level commitments which the indy area sorely needs help filling. We need more addicts serving and committed to needs of the area. I once heard a wise addict say … “When those who should serve dont then those who shouldnt will”.

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