One Word Theme to Live by in 2016

I have meditated at length on what my word to live by in 2016 would be.  After talking to James H., I have decided on Surrender.  I was going to choose Healthy but James twisted my arm and mind (jk) however, he pointed out if I Surrender, the byproduct will be Healthy.  Imagine that!!

I’ve done my work.  Now members,  let’s get those “one word theme for 2016” submitted.


Jada J.


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11 thoughts on “One Word Theme to Live by in 2016

  1. Serenity –

    Serenity takes work to maintain, but once present your life, it’s awesomeness is Spiritual bliss.

    Thank you,
    Nikki B.

  2. My word is “acceptance”. The steps of the program teach me to accept the unacceptable and find peace in even the most difficult circumstances.

    Julie C.

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