Have Speaker Jams Become Passé

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After nearly 20yrs of them, I would have to say yes.  Speaker Jams much like conventions themselves have been overused as financial generators for the fellowship.  Speaker Jams once such an exciting new concept has become about as exciting as getting a new cassette tape!  There is a market for them, but it is an ever shrinking market.  This is written in hopes to stimulate the creative juices that I know exist in the fellowship and not a commentary on any individual.  I encourage the whole fellowship to tap into it’s creativity and present new ideas to our trusted servants.  Here are a few ideas I have floated around; a fishing tournament,  golf outing, target shooting tournaments, etc….

Submitted by James H.

4 thoughts on “Have Speaker Jams Become Passé

  1. I like speaker jams, however, I agree that they should not be our only source of fellowshipping or generating money. The ideas presented are okay but I wonder how many females would be interested in those??? How about a 5K walk at one of the schools or universities in the area. You would have to register and other members can support you by pledges. All monies would go to ASC or CIACNA…ijs.

    1. Seems to me or is the same local addicts over and over again. I have been here for decades. And never been asked. This is not a hint to be asked, it only illustrates the problem.

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