Message of Hope January 2024

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 I have come to believe that service is important because someone was here when I got here. It was told to me that “I must give back what was freely given to me. Because I can’t keep what I have unless I give it away.” I learned at an early age about service positions at the tender age of 9 yrs. old. 

It has definitely helped me throughout my yrs even during active addiction, who knew that years later, I would be in a program that states that service work is what I am to do. I have attained lots of knowledge and experience and not to mention great friends while being of service. It has helped me develop self-esteem, leadership capabilities, humility, tolerance, acceptance, and lots of spiritual principles. It truly is the best thing ever, and I am applying it in and outside of the rooms. I am one grateful to be of service addict. Humbly submitted Lil Andrea W. 

Service means that we are giving back and carrying the message of hope to others. Service is important to each individual, because a lot of the problems addicts have are due to being obsessed with ourselves. Being of service helps us to take that focus off ourselves and onto other people. To achieve lasting recovery it is necessary the we move outside ourselves and lose that self-centered focus. The basic text summarizes this best by saying, “We can only keep what we have by giving it away.” It is through being of service to others that we are able to let go of our damaging self-obsession and, in turn, be of help to others. Helping others has an important side benefit. If we are doing service work that is directly related to NA, such as leading a meeting, taking on a secretary position or something similar, then the program benefits directly as a result and it becomes stronger. Our recovery overall depends on people doing the service work of setting up and tearing down for meetings, being treasurer or GSR and so forth. Without these benefits of service work to keep our meetings going, NA could not continue to function. For these reasons, service work is vital to an individuals recovery and recovery to overall. Submitted by, Tom H. 


  • Asst. Secretary
  • Area Vice Chair
  • Activity Chair
  • Asst. Activity Chair
  • Asst. Literature Chair
  • Asst. IT Chair
  • Helpline
  • Asst. Treasurer
  • P & A
  • CSR
  • RCMA 

Regional Service Positions Available 

  • Treasure Elect
  • MDC
  • Literature
  • History
  • AD Hoc PI 


Unity Is A Must Through Recovery We Grow Oct 18th — Oct 20th, 2024 

Volunteers needed:


  • Devon H. Chair
  • Carol B. Vice Chair or
  • Serenity Team: Heidi W. Chair
  • Laura B. (317) 435-2803 (Registration)
  • Mercedes H. (219) 484-5803 (Programming)
  • Daryl G. (714) 318-0246 (Convention Information)
  • Kim B. (317) 250-8692 (Entertainment)

THE PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE NEEDS YOUR EXPERIENCE AND WILLINGNESS!! Anyone interested in helping with speaking or chairing of workshops please let us know by filling out the questionnaire below.

  • ___Yes – I would like to chair a workshop. (One year clean time required)
  • ___Yes – I would like to speak at a workshop. (3 years clean time required)
  • ____Yes – I would like chair a marathon meeting. (90 days clean time required) 

SPONSORSHIP – The heart beat of our program 

Sponsorship to me is vital part of my recovery. It is someone that helps me in my recovery by creating a bond and trust that I can share my deepest darkest secrets when doing my step-work and be completely honest with. And to give me the guidance I need continue on my path. Someone I can call and ask, “what do I do” when I’m unsure of a decision to make. A sponsor has learned from their sponsor and so forth. So I have the love and support of someone who has been down this path and can guide me with knowledge and compassion. A sponsor loves us until we can learn to love ourselves. And one of the biggest thing or me is a sponsor WILL NOT COSIGN MY BULLSHIT!!!!! and tell me how it is and also give me suggestions it’s up to me to take those suggestions and when I don’t I have my sponsor still you had enough pain yet?” And continue to stand by my side. Submitted by: Devon B. 

I’m reminded when I talk to my sponsor that we aren’t going to become miraculously perfect and know exactly what to do at all times. That progress sometimes means just doing the best you know how at the moment and giving the results up to a higher power. I’m reminded, when I talk to my sponsees that this is a two way street. That when I’m offering experience strength and hope, that I often get more than I’ve offered in exchange. I remember when I first showed up and they told me that the group would be my sponsor until I found one. What I didn’t know at first, was that means, I have to get honest with the group. I need to talk about my thoughts. Pick up the hundred pound phone and reach out to number I got at a meeting. I have to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done and ask for help. I think sponsorship is admitting that we need each other. Remembering our “self-sufficiency was a lie”. Admit that we don’t know everything and seek wisdom from others. Submitted by: Josh W.