Message of Hope Feb. 2024

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Our common welfare should come first; personal recover depends on NA unity. Tradition 1

How do you contribute to NA Unity?

I remember, when I started coming to NA, I would sit and observe. I wasn’t a part of in the very beginning and didn’t consider myself a member. However, I would see the people come into the meetings and greet each other and share what was going on with their families or at work or just in their daily lives. Some came in together and some left together going out to eat or another meeting or just following each other outside to talk more at their cars.

I remember after a few meetings wanting that. I wanted to be a part of it. As my meeting attendance increased and I saw more people in the meetings I’d attend throughout the week, I found myself becoming more and more attracted to the fellowship. I felt more comfortable letting a member know that I got something from their share, or I could relate, or “girl, I did that too”.

I was slowly becoming a part of the fellowship, and though I never said out loud that I was a member, my actions began to show it. I got involved in service. I became my home group’s secretary. I later became a GSR. Service allowed me to experience Area Service monthly meetings and whole new group of recovering addicts. I jokingly said to myself, “So, this is where the white people are.” Addicts from the north, south, east, and west all gathered under one roof. It was powerful to see people with strong opinions on NA issues state their cases. They might disagree on an item up for discussion, but they all agreed on their love for fellowship and wanted it to continue to grow and thrive…to understand even if you weren’t understood.

So, I think I contribute to NA unity just like most anyone else in the fellowship. I show up. I attend meetings and hold service positions. I contribute to the 7th Tradition; so, we can continue to be fully self supporting. I sponsor. I make myself available to the newcomers and other members. I know that as our literature states “I can’t, but we can.” Our shared experience, strength, and hope allow us to grow not only as individuals but as a fellowship. Unity is a must.

Thank you all for your continued support.

LaBarbara C.
Marathon Committee Chairperson

Open Area Service Positions

  • Vice Chair
  • Assistant Secretary
  • RCM Alternate
  • P&A Chair
  • Assistant IT Chair
  • Assistant Activity Chair
  • Activities Chair
  • Assistant Literature
  • Helpline
  • CSR
  • Assistant Treasurer

Martin Luther King Jr. Marathon Meeting

The day before the marathon meeting, I was listening to the weather reports and thinking to myself “I wonder if there’s anything in the Policy about not having a marathon due to inclement weather?”. Forecasted single digit temps with a feels like temperature in the negative teens, surely, there’s got to be a loophole. I sent a text to a member that helps on the committee asking if he thought anyone would even show up. Here’s where the therapeutic value of one addict helping another kicks in. He responded without hesitation that WE’d be there. Someone had the doors open for us; so, we’d have the doors open for the newcomers and whomever else needed a meeting. My perspective instantly changed.

So, even with below zero temperatures the marathon was well attended throughout the day. The theme was “Lost Dreams Awakened”, and we had an ice breaker question, “What did you want to be when you grew up?”. And just like the literature states, no one grew up wanting to be a drug addict. However, the hope shot was seeing how addiction lead us all to the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous and to a life better than we’ve ever imagined.

I encourage you all to support the marathon meetings. They are true marathon meetings where we all just share on the topic or where we are in our recovery, and there’s no sharing time limit.

The price of everything continues to rise; so, I’ll have fliers coming out with donation needs. We’re also looking for different venues to host our meetings. So, we welcome any donations or location suggestions. Thank you all for your continued support.


LaBarbara C.
Marathon Committee Chairperson

Upcoming Marathon Meetings

Memorial Day 5/27
Thanks for your Service / What Can I Do

Independence Day 7/4
Today We Celebrate our Independence / Freedom from Active Addiction

Labor Day 9/2
It Works if you Work It / Service

Thanksgiving 11/28

Christmas 12/25
One Promise / Many Gifts

Our common welfare must come first; personal recovery
depends on NA unity. We come together to get clean and stay
clean because we can’t do this by ourselves. All are welcome
here, and we must become a part of that’s how it works! We
have to show up to meetings, get a sponsor, call addicts, get
involved in service. Someone was here when we go here, and
we should be here for those coming in the doors after us.
When I got here, I went to 3-4 meetings a day for 2yrs. I got to
know the people, and they got to know me. I got involved with
service early on and continue to today. I pick up addicts for
meetings and give my number out and talk with addicts on
daily basis.

Andrea W.

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Upcoming Conventions

March 22 – 24

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Aug 29 – Sept 1

October 18 – 20

Group Service Forum

Monthly meetings held 3pm – 3:45pm before each Area Service Committee meeting. For all member who have a desire to be of service, learn, and grow with us.

Broadway United Methodist Church
609 E 29th St.
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Indiana Regional Service Committee

Feb. 10, 2024
10am – 5pm
Zoom: Meeting ID 678 449 1323
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2023-2026 Issue Discussion Topics

  1. Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Language in NA Literature
  2. Dealing with Disruptive and Predatory Behavior
  3. Re-imagining and Revitalizing Service Committees
  4. DRT/MAT as It Relates to NA

ASL Resources

In support to those deaf and hard of hearing addicts seeking recovery in NA, we offer the following ASL (American Sign Language) resources. Please share this information with any addict who uses ASL. And please write to us at and let us know if you have any ideas or success with providing additional support to deaf and hard of hearing addicts seeking recovery.

Never Alone Deaf Group NADG

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