THE MESSAGE OF HOPE September 2023

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Step 9 “We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others”

MAKING PEACE… We all suffer brokenness in our life, in our relationship with others and our relationship with God. Brokenness tends to weigh us down and can easily lead us back into our addiction. Recovery isn’t complete until all areas of brokenness are mended. We know making amends will be ongoing because RECOVERY is ongoing. Much of recovery involves repairing the relationships in our life. This requires that we make peace with others, ourselves and with the God of our understanding; all whom we have harmed directly or indirectly. Once we go through the process of making amends, we must keep our mind and heart open to anyone we may have overlooked. Our goal is to continue to repair the damage we have caused to others, ourselves and our spirit. In loving service Debbie S.

Tradition 9 ” NA as such ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

Hello family, just reaching out to thank everyone for there continued support with our marathon meetings. It has been a long journey with many twists along the way, but we persevere! It has been a blessing listening and absorbing the message of recovery from everyone. God has truly blessed this committee in many ways. As we move along to the close of the year we always need your blessings. There are 3 more marathon meetings, we have completed 8 all together. It has been my experience that service work, really works in the unity that it brings. Family please consider getting involved with service here in our area. NA saved our life! Humbly submitted Isaac S. Marathon Meeting Chairperson

I had a good time at the marathon meeting. In attendance was the newcomer, old-timer and members I had never met. It was a great opportunity to expand on my network. (get numbers) And just like our fellowship the topics were diverse as well. I especially got so much from members sharing about parenting. It gave me a sense of being helped and a sense of HOPE! There was lots of food, the breakfast and lunch was good. I will be making all the marathon meetings and suggest to other to attend. Tracey S

There was a really good turnout at the Campout, the largest I’ve seen. There were members from as far away as New Jersey. We sold all the auction pieces and raised quite a bit of money. Our speaker was Nate R. and we closed with a remembrance circle. We spoke aloud the names of all individuals we lost this year. We are working on a fall activity. Cody W. Activities Chair

CIACNA XIX Speaker Jam and Unveiling of the Banner September 23rd 1pm – 7pm at the Martin Luther King Community 40 West 40th Street

CHILI COOK OFF September 27th 6pm – 8pm Central Christian Church 701 N. Delaware (in the basement)

CIACNA XIX Convention Through Recovery We Grow Unity Is A Must

September 29th – October 1st at the Wyndham Indianapolis West 2544 Executive Dr. Indianapolis Indiana 46241