Let All Hear Our Message

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I am personally concerned with a practice that seems to be prevalent at many meetings that I attend. It is the issue of talking during our readings and over the person who is trying to read. This (our readings) is a critical aspect of our recovery and it would seem that it should be granted the highest respect by all of us.

“Unity Is A Must” and our readings at the meetings set the pace for such to occur for all of us, especially for the new member. “As long as the ties that bind us together are stronger than those that would tear us apart, all will be well.” “Our common welfare should come first. Personal recovery depends on NA unity.” “Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers.”  All of these phrases are from our literature and directly deal with such disruptions as stated above during our readings.

We can get and use numbers to catch up with other members. We can get with other members after or before the meeting. We can utilize the burning desires portion of the meeting if appropriate and within our spiritual principles. We can allow the newcomer to be able to hear from the literature Who Is An Addict, What Is The Narcotics Anonymous Program, Why Are We Here, How It Works, and The Twelve Traditions of NA. For this addict, it is what I take in that will come out in some way. When the solution comes out, that works the miracle for me. Can we please respect the meetings, the message and those of us who attend?

Thank you. WE DO RECOVER!!!!!

Ken C.

2 thoughts on “Let All Hear Our Message

  1. When I hear others comment and say things during the readings, makes me cringe. Then I think I am glad they are here in a meeting. Hopefully the rest will come as they respect and honor themselves and others down the road as we all mature in this journey we are on… Cannot say that I don’t agree though.

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