A Vision of Hope Concerning Special Interest Groups (Reprint with Commentary)

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We would like to give a brief history of special interest meetings and discuss how they relate to our Steps, Traditions and Concepts.

“The WSC Ad Hoc Committee on Special Interest Meetings was formed by vote of the 1988 World Service Conference (World Service Board of Trustees Bulletin (WSBoTB) 1988 #18).  The intent of this motion, as stated in the WSC minutes, was ‘to help us as a fellowship come to grips with and perhaps [come to] a solution to the issue of special interest meetings’…” (WSBoTB 1988 #18)

“Sometimes specialized NA groups form to provide additional identification for addicts with particular needs in common.  For example, many Men’s, Women’s, Gay, and Lesbian Groups exist today.  But the focus of any NA meeting—even if it’s conducted by a specialized group—is on recovery from addiction, and any addict is welcome to attend.”  (Group Booklet Revised, p.4)

“Some addicts will hear the message of recovery better in one type of meeting, while others prefer another format.  An NA community that offers a variety of meetings is more likely to reach a broad cross-section of addicts.” (It Works How & Why, p.153)  “We find that the stronger our individual members are, the more strongly united our fellowship becomes.”  (It Works… p.216)

We printed this article (in part) in our newsletter on November of 2003.  At that time we were meeting on Thursday at 7:00 pm.  Today, we are meeting on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at 1424 North Central Avenue.  The name of our group is Oasis of Hope and we are a Men’s Group.  We were the 1st Special Interest Group in this Area.  We had our first meeting on September 11, 2003 and aside from a brief five (5) month stint, we have been meeting for over 14 years.  We study the Steps and Traditions out of the Basic Text & It Works How & Why, the 12 Concepts out of the Concepts booklet, and a section out of the Living Clean book each week in rotation.

Some of our members agree with Special Interest Groups and some do not.  Some of our members will have “Sponsorship” or informal meetings to discuss NA’s steps, traditions and concepts, but those same members will not support a Men’s Group that has been on the NA Meeting Directory doing the exact same thing.

We believe firmly in the principles embodied in the NA’s Steps, Traditions, Concepts and the teachings in the Living Clean; The Journey Continues Book.  We believe fully in the Narcotics Anonymous Program.  If you’re not busy on a Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. please come to 1424 North Central Avenue (In the Basement) and support the only Narcotics Anonymous Men’s Group in Indianapolis.  Thank you…….Oasis of Hope