Central Indiana Area COVID-19 Information

AREA SERVICE IS CANCELLED FOR APRIL 5th:Due to the increased and ever changing COVID-19 Restrictions the decision was made to cancel the Area Service Meeting in April. We are taking a proactive measure and believe it is the best for everyone involved. We also are following the new Marion County guidelines for meeting restrictions.

CAR WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED OR POSTPONED:Our RCM made the decision based on regulations and facility closures to postpone the CAR workshop. Please follow the link below to make sure your Home Group has a voice in this. This is an important part of developing literature and furthering discussion about fellowship development. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS.

OUTREACH ASC ORIENTATION CANCELLED:The Outreach Subcommittee has decided that due to facility closures and new regulations to postpone this event. Please take note and keep checking back for more information.

HELPLINE:The Helpline is being bombarded with calls right now and we do not have enough people to field them. Please contact Mike B our Vice Chair at mburkacki45@gmail.com or 317-724-0475 If you are willing to sign up to receive calls. This would be a great way to give back to our community during this time of need.

WHAT ABOUT MEETINGS:If you need a meeting and cannot get to one we have solutions. The IT Subcommittee has been working tirelessly to create a new page on our website. This is a link to virtual meetings that you can log into and participate in. Please use them and stay safe.

The Meeting Directory and IT Subcommittees have also been staying on top of the continued closings of meetings due to restrictions and/or facility closures. PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE if you need an up to date list of meetings that are still open.

WHAT IF MY MEETING IS CLOSED:First check the website and see if it is listed as cancelled on the meeting page. If it is not listed please contact Tony R 317-869-8977 to have it updated online. We will compile a list and once a day we will update.

HOW DO WE GET LITERATURE:Since Area Service is cancelled a lot of you may be wondering how to get literature. There is just no way with facility closures and restrictions that we can manage this task responsibly while keeping everyone safe. We do have a solution for you. Below are links to multiple service bodies that sell literature online. We discussed our area doing this but the logistics are too complex. We fell going with existing service offices is the best option.

HOW DO WE DONATE:The IT Subcommittee has created a DONATION form on our website. It works similarly to the literature order form. During this challenging time we still need to ensure we can serve our NA communities. If your group would like to make a donation please follow the link below.

The Area Service Committee wants to make sure that we are staying within regulations and still providing as much service as we can during these times. This news will be updated as we receive more information from local and national government bodies. Please stay safe, use your best judgement, and pick up the phones.

In Loving Service, Central Indiana ASC

Narcotics Anonymous World Services has also put out a statement. You can read it here.