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Delivery and returns

Track delivery - where is my package? The freight company will contact you 1-3 working days before delivery can take place to schedule a time frame for delivery. During delivery, we will send status updates by email.

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More definitions of Customer Agreement

Customer Agreement means (a) with respect to a Customer that purchases a license to use the Products from DigitalGlobe directly, that agreement consisting of the applicable Order Confirmation and Product Terms and Conditions, which reference these License Terms; and (b) with respect to a Customer that purchases a license to use the Products from a Certified Reseller, that agreement between the Certified Reseller and Customer.

License Agreements

Delivery shall be made from Seller ́s address whether or not Seller delivers the goods sold to Buyer using his own employees or third party in accordance with a separate ag-reement. The time of delivery has been fixed by Seller at Seller ́s best estimate with the reservations made when the quotation was given/the agreement was entered into.In connection with sale of goods from stock and standard goods, a postponement of the time of delivery by 30 days due to Seller ́s situation shall be regarded as delivery in due time and shall be respected to the effect that Buyercannot exercise any remedies against Seller for this reason unless otherwise agreed.


Seller shall receive payment on the date specified in the invoice as the final due date for payment. lf such a date has not been specified payment shall be made in cash on delivery. However, Seller reserves the right to change the termsof payment

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