Have Speaker Jams Become Passé

After nearly 20yrs of them, I would have to say yes.  Speaker Jams much like conventions themselves have been overused as financial generators for the fellowship.  Speaker Jams once such an exciting new concept has become about as exciting as getting a new cassette...

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One Word Theme to Live by in 2016

I have meditated at length on what my word to live by in 2016 would be.  After talking to James H., I have decided on Surrender.  I was going to choose Healthy but James twisted my arm and mind (jk) however, he pointed out if I Surrender, the byproduct will be...

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Should Our Area Split?

The following is submitted by the Oasis of Hope home group. ~ NaNewsIndy Motion: To research the feasibility of splitting up the Central Indiana Area of Narcotics Anonymous. Intent: There is clear disunity within our Area. By splitting up, we will become more unified....

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Let All Hear Our Message

I am personally concerned with a practice that seems to be prevalent at many meetings that I attend. It is the issue of talking during our readings and over the person who is trying to read. This (our readings) is a critical aspect of our recovery and it would seem...

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A spiritual, not religious program

  Like many before me, when I first came to NA I was exhausted, beat up and empty. I did not trust my own instincts, and I had no idea how to ask for help. I was confused when first confronted with the 12 Steps and all those references to a Higher Power and God … I...

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Unity is a Must

I’m an addict called Jada J. Hi family!! I am a member of the convention committee for CIACNA XII. The primary theme for the convention is always “Unity is a Must.” I started thinking, yes I know that’s dangerous, but I wanted to hear from the fellowship: What does...

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Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes   In our using days, it was easy to say yes … we constantly said yes to more drugs, more consequences, more suffering.   There wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to get high.  Now that we’re clean, we’re learning to say yes to recovery.  For the newcomer,...

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Are You Homeless?

Are you homeless? Maybe you’ve been to some meetings, but you show up just as the readings start and leave before the hug circle is formed. You haven’t felt comfortable sharing. You have not added your name to the home group list in the binder that is passed around in...

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Have you ever . . . ?

Have you ever shared something in a meeting and had someone approach you and try to "correct" you? Or have you ever done something in a meeting and had someone point out a better way? If so, did this help or hurt you or your impression of NA?

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What do you think?

In the middle of someone sharing they break out a bible and begin reading from it. What do you think the Chairperson (or home group members) should do? Let them finish? Interrupt? . . . what do you think?

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CIACNA XIV @ Rodeway Inn North Conference Center
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CIACNA XIV @ Rodeway Inn North Conference Center | Indianapolis | Indiana | United States
CIACNA XIV September 15 – 17, 2017 Unity Is a Must “The Journey Continues” Rodeway Inn North Conference Center 3850 DePauw Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46268 Please Help Support The Central Indiana Area Convention! REGISTER EARLY!!![...]
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